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That which deranges the senses

blog of a feminist writer

Rachel Swirsky
Rachel Swirsky is on destination two of her bad weather tour of the United States -- Bakersfield, California, where the summer days regularly heat up to one hundred and fifteen degrees of desert sun. Before moving west, she lived in Iowa City, where ice storms and blizzards provided a chilly background to her MFA studies at the Iowa Writers Workshop.

Who knows where her next destination will be? Lava fields? The center of a black hole? A shanty in a part of Alaska where polar bears hunt humans with one paw over their noses, to conceal their one black feature so they blend into vast, blank white? She will sit, wrapped in synthetics and faux fur, shivering while she bangs out stories.

Swirsky's short fiction has appeared in venues including Tor.com, Subterranean Magazine, Fantasy Magazine, Weird Tales, and the Konundrum Engine Literary Review, and been selected for inclusion in year's best collections from Jonathan Strahan, Rich Horton, and the VanderMeers. In 2007, her poem, "The Oracle on River Street," came in third place for the Rhysling Award.

Through the Drowsy Dark, a mini-collection of Swirsky's feminist poems and short stories will be forthcoming from Aqueduct Press's conversation pieces series in May.

In addition to this blog, Swirsky blogs about feminist science fiction at Ambling Along the Aqueduct, about politics at Alas, a Blog, and about writing at Big Other.

A full list of Swirsky's publications is available on her website.