Rachel Swirsky (rachel_swirsky) wrote,
Rachel Swirsky

Cat Drawing! Clone Portrait

drawing of cat looking forward

A portrait of my cat, Clone (now, alas, deceased), taken by the radiation clinic before we brought him in for thyroid treatment. He pulled through that okay and got another four years or so.

cat looking forward

Mirrored from Rachel Swirsky.

Tags: artwork, cats

  • Haiku for January 20th

    Waiting in the cold, trying not to let my mind rush when all is calm. Mirrored from Rachel Swirsky.

  • Haiku for January 13th

    Winter-whitened sun makes a cold, pretty morning– gentle, short-lived light. Mirrored from Rachel Swirsky.

  • Haiku for January 6th

    Bitter, windy, dark, clattering cold strikes the rain, sharp, overwhelming. Mirrored from Rachel Swirsky.

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