Rachel Swirsky (rachel_swirsky) wrote,
Rachel Swirsky

For Everyone Who Recently Objected to Referring to Women Writers as Girls

We ain't seen nothin' yet:

The on-going mission of the Luna Station Quarterly project is to display the vast and varied talents of female genre fiction writers.

This idea was conceived by founding editor, Jennifer Parsons, after spending a year or so in the trenches of the Star Wars fan fiction community and being exposed to the particular and unique writing styles of the women and girls who posted there.

Later departing from the community to write original fiction, Jennifer became aware of the apparent lack of support for the short story format within the literary community, and the particular lack of exposure of female genre fiction writers in general.

And the money quote:

Luna Station Quarterly publishes speculative fiction written by women. We think girls write awesome characters and really cool stories and we want to show it to the world.

I think girls write awesome characters and really cool stories, too. However, like most work created by individuals under eighteen years old, they're rarely of publishable quality.
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