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Overheard* in IM.

"The cat used to lurk while Nathan was getting his diaper changed... which is how Nathan managed to pee on the cat."


*and by overheard, I mean "typed to me" and therefore "I have just presented this out of context."


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Dec. 2nd, 2009 01:02 pm (UTC)
Ah, any baby without a diaper on needs to be considered armed and dangerous. But boys can get some extra distance. I recall the day Paidhi Boy was naked on the changing table, and I put one hand on his tummy and bend down to pull a diaper off the shelf, stood up, put the diaper on him, and then saw four year old Paidhi Girl standing there with big, big eyes. "Mama," she said, "he made a rainbow with his pee!" And she pointed to the puddle on the floor that had managed to form three feet away from the table in the time I was looking down.

(She meant the shape of the arc, actually, not the color! I was confused and questioned her on the point.)

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